About VLSI-EDA Lab
The VLSI-EDA Laboratory is located in National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan. Our main researches include:
  • Machine/deep learning on thermal and power delivery network analysis/design
  • Chip/package-level thermal analysis and design for integrated circuits
  • System-level thermal analysis and design for mobile devices
  • Power delivery network analysis and optimization in VLSI circuits
  • Process variation aware statistical timing analysis & optimization
  • Circuit design techniques for driving RLC interconnect
  • Electronic design automation for integrated circuits
  • Lab News
  • We are looking forward to undergraduate students
  • We are looking forward to master and Ph.D. students
  • Contact Information
  • Prof. Lee's Email: yumin@nctu.edu.tw; phone: 03-5131274; location: ED835 (工程四館835)
  • Lab's phone: 03-5712121#54586; location: ED718 (工程四館718)
  • Last updated on January, 2020
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